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Our Meetings

We meet twice a month on the second and fourth Sunday of the month.

The first meeting of the month (second Sunday) is a Cantonese meeting, and the second meeting of the month (fourth Sunday) is an English meeting.  Please feel free to come and join us!

What Happens at a Meeting?

SETM conducts our meetings just like any other Toastmasters Club from around the world.  There are usually three sections to the meeting - the Table Topics, prepared speeches and evaluations.

In the Table Topics session, speakers will be invited to speak on a topic presented by the Table Topics Master and they have one to two minutes to speak in an impromptu manner, without prior preparations. 

In the prepared speeches session, speakers deliver their self-prepared speeches according to requirements in the learning paths that they are working on.  Each speech fulfills different objectives and speakers are to deliver the speeches based on these objectives.

In the evaluations session, speakers will deliver verbal evaluations on the speeches done by the prepared speech speakers.  These evaluations will provide the prepared speech speakers with feedback and suggestions on what they have done well, and what they can improve on.

Besides these sessions, members also take up other roles to facilitate the meeting, such as the timer, the grammarian and the ah counter, which counts filler words and unnecessary sounds in speeches.

Meeting Calendar 2022/23

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